London Falcons - 30 March 2014 (Away)

Our impressive form since the turn of the year continued in the final away game of the season to give us a chance of staying in Division 1 in 2014/15.

Things got off to a slow start, but it wasn't our fault - the ref was caught in traffic, which gave us plenty of time to get warmed up ahead of kickoff and once the whistle went, we were well and truly warmed up and soon found some rhythm.

Stuart A and Matthew B kept the Falcons' defence busy all day with intelligent runs and good forward play, with the latter proving too tricky for the home keeper, who had to take him down in the area at one point to stop an attack. Unfortunately, the usually reliable Carl N (or Carl B, as some know him) hit a weak shot that was easy for the keeper to save and there was a fear amongst some that it could be deja vu all over again after we failed to convert a penalty when we played Falcons at home.

However, this time history wouldn't be repeated and it looked like luck may be on our side when Falcons had a goal ruled out for offside when it wasn't - Carl N/B being the fortunate recipient of the referee's decision. Soon after, Kelvin T came on to link the midfield more with Stu and Matt, who were at times a bit isolated up top, and it paid dividends before the end of the first half with a dribble and shot from 20 yards nestling into the bottom corner.

The second half was much more about the Falcons trying to get back into the game, but great covering from Rob G kept them at bay and as ever, Jonny B represented a formidable last line of defence. We had chances to increase our lead with some good counter attacks, but we couldn't find the incisive moment to clinch the game.

In the end though, it was academic as one goal was enough to not only give our final game of the season some meaning, but it also meant that Saltire couldn't be touched at the top of the table and gave them their first top flight title - congratulations go out to all the Glasgow boys.

Such was the level of the team performance, most of the players who got onto the pitch got at least one nomination for the man of the match award, but Kelvin's goal, Matt B's industry up front, Rob's defensive coolness and Brad P's tackling of everything that moved in midfield meant that the honour was split four ways.

Credit to Jim H for today's match report.