FVH Month of Action

While there aren't any guarantees that another professional footballer will come out during this year's Football v Homophobia Month of Action, the last 12 months have certainly been momentous and should give all LGBT people involved in the sport real hope for the future.

Since Robbie Rogers' poignant blog post, we've had Thomas Hitzlsperger and Liam Davies out themselves, suggesting that the barriers are being well and truly broken down. However, perhaps the most notable outing since last year's Month of Action is Tom Daley.

Think about it - Hitzlsperger is retired and Rogers and Davies aren't at prominent enough levels to warrant big sponsorship deals - and it's these moneymakers that are bound to be a major consideration for professional footballers when coming out. Their careers are short and they need to make as much of them as they can and endorsements play a big part in that. In the past, agents and advisers have told players to stay in so they don't risk these deals, but if Tom Daley keeps all of his (and possibly receive more), it's proof positive that there's no risk there.

Of course, that's not the only reason that's stopping players from coming out, but it's all about little victories and that would certainly help to turn the tide, because let's face it - there ARE other gay footballers out there, and at the highest level too - the chances of there not being are just too mindboggling.

Will there be a time when this kind of thing doesn't matter? Of course, but it's a long way off and that's exactly why we need FvH's Month of Action during LGBT History Month to help keep the issue as part of the conversation.

For the event, we'll be heading over to Bootham Crescent on the 22nd to watch York v Southend. The Minstermen have really gone the extra mile with their support of FvH, having been involved in last year's York pride and lining up again in 2014 - it's not just token efforts either: first team players actually go along and get involved, regardless of sexuality.

Regardless of sexuality: that's the key phrase in all this and one day - with events like the Month of Action, Kick It Out's Season of Action, Stonewall/Paddy Power's #RBGF campaign and the tireless work of the GFSN - that phrase will be synonymous with the sport we love.

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